Where are you on the Sexuality Spectrum?
(click on the sliders to select values)

  • Gender identity

    Male Nonbinary Female
  • Gender expression

    Hypermasculine Androgynous Hyperfeminine
  • Sexual orientation

    Straight Bi / Pan Gay
  • Sexual drive

    Asexual Regular Hypersexual
  • Romantic desire

    Aromantic Interested Hopeless romantic
  • Relationship attitude

    Monogamous Open Polyamorous
  • Sexual exploration

    Vanilla Light play Hard BDSM

I'm not the author of the original concept of those axes. They were circulating online in form of a picture without a watermark – making it practically impossible to find the author. I just made an interactive version of it, with a few adjustments.

I'm aware that this representation of gender & sexuality is not perfect – but none is! Humans are more complex than just a few axes!

Yes, us nonbinary folx aren't necessarily in between β€œmale” and β€œfemale”, yes, lumping bisexuality and pansexuality together is not ideal, etc. etc. etc. But it's an approximation. If you come up with a better one, I'd gladly make an app for it πŸ˜‰